If you reside in Melbourne or nearby suburbs, and you are looking for skillful cleaners from a reliable cleaning services company, then Clean & Tidy Cleaning Services Company is your best resort.

And yes, we know the importance of keeping a clean home. Not only is it easy on the eye, and it’s very calming to the senses, but a clean home also means a healthy home and your family members’ and children will not contract any illness owing to a dust-filled, dirty, unkempt home.

And not just this, time is the ultimate essence. And since you all live busy, hectic lives, you may not be able to dedicate time for equally all work at hand including house cleaning. And not just this, you may be wanting some free time so you can just relax or engage in some hobbies or things you like doing, but since either your work or completing household chores takes up most or all of your time, you are constantly feeling tired, challenged and stressed out.

Now the one area, where we can help you immensely and take away that stress and pressure is the house cleaning. Our dedicated team members will take on the house cleaning, based on your schedule, time and requisites and you not only get a clean house in return but there is some extra time that you can now fully dedicate to yourself and do something you have so been wanting to do.

We have onboard, trained, professional, efficient, and reliable cleaning staff whose eye for detail and personal attention has to be seen to be believed.

With our progressively busy existences, it’s being harder to find the time for domestic cleaning. That’s somewhere we come in: we take the pressure out of finding domestic cleaners. All of our domestic cleaners are certified and protected and have approved through a screening procedure to give you peace of mind.

Our team is consistent, reliable and flexible and also we provide these services at affordable rates.

For further inquiry you can also contact us directly via e-mail or telephone and also, we can go over your individual domestic cleaning necessities with you.

We designed our services by keeping your requirements in mind. From the moment you get in join with us your service is our main priority. We'll get to work finding you an appropriate cleaner to provide you the finest possible clean as per your guidelines.

We attempt to provide you custom-made cleaning to your domestic place and at your suitability.

Domestic Cleaning

  • Vacuuming
  • Polishing
  • Dusting
  • Ironing
  • Room Sanitizing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Dusting of pictures, lampshades, knick-knacks and ornaments, window sills, furniture and light fittings
  • Stain cleaning of paintwork and more